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The 5 Skills Needed to Succeed in Business Administration

January 20 2017 - If you are interested in a career in business administration, then you'll be happy to know the salary is great if you put in the hard work to succeed. There are thousands of jobs available in business administration if you know where to look, and as long as you have a bachelor of arts business administration degree, whether that's from university or you are looking to gain a bachelors in business administration online, then you could benefit from a high paying business administration career. Not only will you need the specific qualifications to be able to get on the business administration career path, but you'll also need the five skills below.

1. Teamwork

A business will never be successful if any of the employees from management to trainees do not work as a team. It's especially important for business administrators to work as a team, because they are the employees that organize and oversee projects. If you are looking to become a business administrator in the future, whatever industry you are looking to work in, you'll need to make sure you are able to work as a team.

2. Communication

A business administrator is the person that has many jobs on their agenda, so it's important they are able to communicate with the different departments within the business. They will often need to consult with project managers, but they will also need to get in contact with the finance department for any financial reasons, so it's key a business administrator has good communication skills.

3. Technology Experience

A big part of the role for a business administrator will include working with some of the latest computer technology that will allow them to work with spread sheets and organize their workload a lot better. You'll also find many business administrators work in a leadership role, so being able to use portable projectors and many other technologies is important for presentations.

4. Organization

Of course, being an administrator in any role in any industry will require the person to be as organized as possible. The job will involve prioritizing workload throughout the week, and being able to organize different jobs as and when they come up. Business administrators will often be swamped with work, so they will need to decide what work is more important to determine what needs to be done first. There are also many other decisions to make as an administrator, so they will also need to take care of many other jobs within the business as and when they arise.

5. Education

Businesses will only look at hiring business administrators who possess the experience and qualifications to be able to succeed in the role. There are many business administrators out there with a degree which makes them qualified to take on the role, but many of them do not have the people skills or customer service skills to succeed.

You will find the most successful business administrators around will have at least the above five skills to take with them on their career path, and if you do not have the above skills, then you will find the business administration role very hard to succeed in.

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