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Pursue a Bright Career in Conveyancing

September 4 2015 - If you are interested in pursuing a career in property related law and if you get immense satisfaction in assisting people in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations, you could consider pursuing a career in conveyancing.

Conveyancers are specialists in law. They should have excellent people skills, and thrive on open and fluent communication in close contact. There are several areas in which conveyancers may be employed, in both the public and private sector. You could be running your own business, or working for a large firm.

The job of a conveyancer is both highly specialized as well as intensive. As a professional conveyancer, you will be required to stay updated with all recent regulatory and legislative updates through a series of courses and research cycles. You will also need to take an examination for certification before you can begin practicing.

Distinction between a Conveyancer and Solicitor

A solicitor is a fully qualified lawyer who has an all-round training in various aspects of law and is capable of offering complete legal services including taking an individual to court. A licensed conveyancer definitely has relatively less training and specializes in property law only.

Solicitors charge far more fees than conveyancers. Solicitors have to be members of the esteemed Law Society, while conveyancers are supposed to be enrolled as members of the reputed Council for Licensed Conveyancers. Larger solicitor firms often employ the services of in-house conveyancers.

Conveyancers Need to Perform Diligently: The Mantra

Often property buyers and sellers end up getting frustrated with their conveyancers. You must learn to perform your responsibilities flawlessly. Conveyancing actually involves a great deal of paperwork and so it is absolutely important to complete the paperwork accurately with no scope for any errors.

Conveyancers cannot afford to be careless. If they fail to be efficient and dedicated in forwarding the correct set of papers at the correct time, it may result in significant delays in processing and even the deal could fall through.

Sometimes some conveyancers are extremely busy and it is very difficult for clients to keep track of how the case is actually progressing. Such conveyancers are extremely difficult to get in touch with. They would not be available to answer important client queries. Remember you can be successful in your career as a conveyancer if only you are efficient.

If you are a good communicator you can make the entire process far less stressful. You must keep in touch with all your clients via the emails at least to keep them updated. You must try to be a good communicator. You need to understand the needs of customers to avoid any further delays.

Is Online Conveyancing a Realistic Option?

Traditionally, conveyancers have been hired by home buyers for counsel on deals. They come recommended by brokers, estate agents or lenders, thus making it a rather small scope for you to get word out about yourself. However, with the advent of online conveyancing, all this is set to change. This opens up a whole new set of opportunities for you in terms of a career in conveyancing. There are several agencies which instruct conveyancing solicitors online, and are a great place to start for aspiring business owners and conveyancers alike.

Like any e-commerce agency, online conveyancing companies are backed by a call-center, and they charge customers for services rendered online. Usually operating out of business parks and corporate buildings, these offices house full-fledged fleets of expert conveyancers ready to assist callers.

The key to running a successful online conveyancing business is seamless integration, such that consumers all over the world are able to access their files round the clock. This entire setup tends to be a lot more efficient in the long run, and also cuts out unnecessary waste of time and money for consumers in transport and waiting in queues. Both sides will be able to get work done much faster.

There are of course, certain drawbacks which may hold consumers back. Due to the sheer scale of a business like this, they will probably never be able to interact with the same receiver twice, which can be a bit irritating as they are essentially reduced to a file on a system containing only your essential data, and not all that they could actually share with a human recipient.

Author Bio:

Mason Bernstein is a legal adviser for an MNC. He has been in the legal and HR industry for a decade. He is into blogging too, so that he can help out a larger segment of society than just his clients.

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