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What Does Building a Strong Career as a Remote DBA Expert Entail?

February 7 2015 - Database Administration is an IT profession in which all the work involved relates to the database of a particular organization. A DBA (Database Administrator) is responsible for creating, managing, handling, monitoring, and maintenance of a database. A DBA develops and designs the database strategies and plans for future expansion requirements. A DBA also imposes security measures over the database.

Building a career as a remote DBA expert can be intimidating and difficult, to say the least. It means that you will be handling all aspects of client getting, maintaining and retaining services all by yourself. You do all this while also offering reputable and high quality expertise and results with your services, so that you can keep your clients happy. This is also while helping them boost their productivity.

Luckily, there is an easy way around this that comes in the form of teaming up with other experts in this field to form a DBA services firm. Working in a team setting allows you to complement each other where one may be lacking. At the same time, you are also able to offer high quality services fast because each person in the team handles the areas in the database management process that they are good at.

Working within a team helps reduce the load of fears you carry as an individual when facing such an intimidating field of work as a remote DBA. This helps make you more productive and more motivated to acquire and serve more and more clients. is a good example of a team of experts who have taken remote DBA expertise to another level. This team has managed to work with clients all across the globe offering high quality services that can only be described as state-of-the-art, for lack of better words. They can easily handle large companies just like they handle small company databases, offering unmatched database management services to these clients remotely.

So, what does it take to build such a colorful career as a remote DBA expert? Below are some of the skills and characteristics that you should work to have.

  1. Strong Sense of Discipline
    You should be ready to offer your services without any supervision while also not compromising on the quality of results delivered. This is because your clients will not be there to oversee what you are doing. They expect that you will uphold high quality standards, as well as protect their data.
  2. High Moral Standards
    Since you will be working with the databases of companies that have some secret data, you should be trustworthy enough to handle this information and data without being tempted to use such data to your advantage. This should hold true even when a client delays or is unable to pay your fees after the service has been offered. Regardless of how good or bad a client turns out to be, you should always uphold high moral standards and respect privacy of client data.
  3. Top DBA Expertise
    As a remote DBA, you will receive all sorts of requests from clients. This means that you should be well armed with the latest information and expertise on all things database management. Your clients will view you as the authority in this area and so you should have all the answers. Learn all you can and work within a team setting that allows you to be on top of the game.
About The Author

Tony Simmons is a remote DBA expert who works with a team at He has vast experience offering remote DBA services to all sizes of companies and organizations worldwide.

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