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Career as Energy Efficiency Program Manager

October 3 2015 - Energy efficiency and energy saving is a huge concern in today's economy. There is a looming energy crisis due to the reckless use of energy resources in the past. Today, many businesses as well as individuals are concerned about energy conservations and are always looking for a way they can play their role in the conservation process. There is a lot of potential working in an energy saving company. One of the ways through which energy saving companies make an impact in the energy sector is through developing and implementing programs that enhance efficient and sustainable use of energy in various applications. One of the ways you can be involved in energy saving programs is as a program manager.

Energy efficiency program manager

Energy efficiency program managers are the professionals responsible for designing and implementing energy efficiency rebate programs. These professionals are also involved in demand response programs, commercial and residential energy efficiency measures. Therefore, a good background in program design and implementation is essential to work in this position.

Professional skills

There are some essential professional skills necessary to work in this position. You should have:

  • Strong understanding of energy saving opportunities
  • Methodologies and techniques used to calculate savings at a program level
  • Critical thinking and leadership properties
  • Good management skills
  • Great communication skills
  • Data management and analytical skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Team player
Roles of an energy efficiency program manager

The roles of an energy efficiency program manager include:

  • Managing programs
  • Evaluating new products and technologies and determining their potential impact on energy
  • Ensuring customer acceptance and satisfaction with new technologies
  • Designing energy efficiency and demand response programs
  • Delivering economical benefits to SRP and customers
  • Analyzing performance metrics
  • Implementing and refining eligibility requirements of new technologies
  • Creating program appropriate strategies and tactics
  • Developing budgets to cover program costs
  • Coordinating work efforts related to the promotion and marketing of the programs
  • Overseeing contractors and consultants
  • Working with trade allies
  • Professional and educational background

    Having a bachelors degree in engineering, business, economics, mathematics or marketing are just some of the relevant fields of study that you can use to develop your career as an energy efficiency program manager. Advanced training in program management is a great addition to your educational background.

    As for work experience, having worked in planning in the energy management field is a great way to develop your career. Any other work in program management, marketing research or demand response in the energy sector can also land you a position as an energy efficiency program manager.

    What to expect in your career as a program manager

    The program management position is very demanding. There may be a bit of travelling depending on the coverage of the program. However, there is the day-to-day travelling and communicating with various stakeholders involved in the program. It is essential to have an open mind and be ready to handle a wider workload in this position.


    Brian Jackson is an energy saving professional with years of experience in program development and implementation. You can read more about saving on the cost of electricity in McAllen through his blog.

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