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3 Outstanding Reasons Why Engineering Is The Career Of The Future

August 30 2016 - Engineering is defined as the discipline, art and professions that apply scientific theory to the design, development and analysis of technological solutions. That is the definition according to Wikipedia, but in effect, engineering is applied science and mathematics, scattered over a wide array of disciplines that seek practical solutions to problems which afflict human kind.

Well, that is the standard definition, but the truth is much more complex than that. There are sub-disciplines of engineering, which are just beginning to emerge and these disciplines include such exciting roles as Data Engineers, Material Engineers and Genetic Engineers. This means that the opportunities for any individual who wants to switch their career and be an engineer are increasing by the day. These are but some of the reasons why engineering is the career of the future.

Internet Technologies _- The role that the World Wide Web is playing and has continued to play in enhancing communications cannot be gainsaid and the reason is that the internet has transformed the lives of so many in the short time that it has been around, which makes it hard to list its importance to each and everyone's life.

As these technologies are just evolving, the standards are still being developed; the protocols which allow for the smooth communication of devices and the transmission of documents are still undergoing evolution. This means that the role of information engineers will continue to grow even as we move into the future.

Space Travel - We are only just beginning to scratch the surface with regards to our place in the cosmos and what lies just outside our grasp in the solar system and beyond. There are still many unanswered questions, which still haunt planetary scientists and for there to be definite answers, we must send probes out there into the universe to bring us real samples from celestial bodies.

America's NASA is working hard to send unmanned probes to Mars to find out if the planet is habitable or not. The need for competent vehicular engineers will only increase going forward, they and robotic engineers will be needed in the development of solutions that will make it possible for probes to get on these bodies to conduct experiments and bring back samples.

Medicine - Genetic engineering is promising to revolutionize the way we treat illnesses that have up until now known no cure. Nanotechnology promises to change the way we receive a quote or diagnosis for our illnesses.

These robots will get to the root of the problem quite literally, getting to the heart of tumors and injecting a permanent solution to the disease at the molecular level. We therefore need a whole range of fully trained and competent genetic and biomolecular engineers to unlock the genetic codes of pathogens.

The future progress of human kind is inextricably linked to our ability to use technology for our good. This means that the need for engineers who can transform ideas and theories into working prototypes is only going to improve going forward.

Author Bio

Byron Jackson is a Rhodes Scholar currently pursuing a Post-Doctoral degree in Bio information Engineering. He has been at the forefront of AI in the medical field creating robots, which can receive a quote, offer diagnosis and dispense medicine to the sick without human intervention.

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