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5 Leading Careers in the Fashion Industry

October 1 2016 - Are you fascinated by fashion? Would you like to pursue a career in the fashion industry but you are uncertain of the available opportunities? This article has got you covered. Here are the five best careers in the fashion industry:

1. Fashion designer

If you like to create interesting clothing or accessory designs that stand out, then this could be your career path. You will have to start small before designing and selling your fashion items to a bigger market.

Manufacturing is a challenge to many individuals starting out. You can either do it alone, on a small scale or outsource the manufacturing processes. After designing and manufacturing, the clothes or accessories can be sold locally and/or online.

2. Fashion store operator

Being in the fashion industry isn't limited to creating and designing exquisite fashion designs only. You can be in the fashion industry selling the clothes and accessories. This isn't an easy task though. You will have to identify a specific line of fashion items then carve out a market niche.

Specializing in a specific line of fashion makes it possible for you to sell your products. You should however consider the cost of running a boutique wholesale clothing store for brands. Note that this is a career that can be pursued by a fashion designer as well, selling their own designs.

3. Image consultant

You will have to work hard to be the best in this career. You will definitely start small in the field. As an image or a fashion consultant, there are different roles which you can take up. As an image consultant and a personal stylist, you can pursue a career to be an editorial stylist, wardrobe stylist, a personal stylist, or a catalog stylist. You have to be trendy to be a successful image consultant.

4. Fashion show stylist or organizer

The showbiz industry is the most lucrative industry there is and if you have unique and trendy fashion ideas, then you can break in to this market. As the stylist or the organizer, your sole responsibility is keeping everyone looking good. There are several challenges in this field and you will have to be very patient and exceptionally creative to break through.

5. A Fashion photographer

Fashion photography can be considered to be the best career path in the fashion industry, buy only if you are an excellent photographer. Your job involves taking good photos of models, clothes and accessories.

Knowledge of the different kinds of photography is necessary because it will come handy in the course of your career. You main roles include but aren't limited to scheduling photoshoots, meeting designers and creating elegant photoshoot concepts, directing models, and post processing of images.

In conclusion, there are many opportunities in the fashion industry. These opportunities will turn into very successful careers and businesses if you hone your skills and continuously build them. Refining you skills and staying ahead of trends will help anyone passionate about the fashion industry. A lot of hard work, patience, sweat and tears go in to these career paths. However, the fruits are mostly sweet.

Author Bio

Juan Rodriguez is a renowned fashion designer and consultant. His work is exceptional and he owns big specialized boutique wholesale clothing. His clothes and bags have been exhibited at the New York Fashion Week. Check his Instagram for more information.

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