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Popular career paths in finance that are really good

September 14 2015 - Contrary to popular opinion, careers in finance and business are not always about money. You might never have to calculate money in all your working life unless you are counting what the ATM machine dispensed. For people who have graduated with a degree in business or finance, this is just the start. There are so many things that you can do to make the most of that degree that you hold. The business and finance industry is one that is extremely diverse. There are so many positions available for people with training to take up. The key is always to research, find and land that financial job that is most compatible with your interests and of course your skills.

Career paths to consider

When you get into the business of finance services, you will find multiple paths that you can take to advance your career. These include the likes of:

  1. Corporate finance

    A job in corporate finance will involve finding and managing capital for a company. For the enterprise to run, there must be funds and it is the work of the corporate finance officers to find these funds and manage them. They also have to maximize the corporate value while at the same time keeping financial risks at their bare minimum. In this position, you will be doing things like forecasting profits and losses, preparing financial statements and negotiating lines of credit.

  2. Commercial banking

    This should probably have been at number one. It is one of the most common paths taken by people with training in finance. Working at a commercial bank will see you take up positions like loan officers, bank tellers, marketing managers, branch managers and others. If you prove to be very useful to the bank, you will find yourself advancing from that local branch job to a top position in the corporation's headquarters. This presents one of those promotions that expose you to international finance and similar issues.

  3. Investment banking

    There are all sorts of investments out there and some of the most intense yet very glamorous jobs in finance are present here. Investment bankers deal with the issuance of corporate securities and ensuring investors who wish to purchase them can access these securities. Trading securities and providing the financial advice to businesses and even individual investors are among the tasks that allow you to save the money. As an investment banker, you might find yourself dealing with matters such as acquisitions, mergers, bonds, stock markets and so similar activities.

There are many other paths to consider like public accounting, insurance and leasing, financial planning, hedge funds and more. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to take into consideration the direction of the market before you start looking for the job in finance. Make sure you have the skills for the job and the ability to withstand the challenges that come with each. If you have good interpersonal skills you might do better in financial consultancy than in public accounting where you constantly deal with numbers.

Author Bio:

Terry Mane is career advisor working with college students. She is also a blogger on financial matters such as insurance and the services of leasing such as those on offer at

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