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Roles of IT Applications Monitoring Tools Developers and Administrators

July 7 2016 - Once you identify an IT application suitable for your business, it is prudent to have the complex system closely monitored. The IT infrastructure is a multi-tiered system with components that must work together for effective service delivery. Thus, monitoring is necessary. The primary infrastructure is similar in most fields but the secondary set up and the detail information will be different for each.

For these reasons, an applications software administrator is very important in the different lines of business using the application. A career in application software monitoring and administration has the following important roles:

1. Tracing and root cause analysis

This is an integral monitoring role undertaken by an IT application software administrator or any IT developer and designer. You will require a monitoring tool to get the accurate picture of the operations of the application. Application monitoring tools will help any IT professional in monitoring their application performance.

When the application is traced during its operations, you will be able to single out the fastest and the slowest operations. Consequently, you will be able to point out the problematic area affecting efficiency. This is a role that is also done by online or cloud based monitoring tools. However, you have to assess the data to resolve any issues.

2. Analysis of key performance metrics

There are key metrics for monitoring the performance of the application system. These metrics must be tracked and analyzed daily for surety of maximum efficiency. The main metrics analyzed include: highest end user response time, end user response time, number of requests received, loading time, page rendering and the number of reported coding errors within that time.

3. Maintenance of security

The main role of seasoned application developers and administrators is to guarantee the highest levels of security for the applications used by their clients. Creating robust applications isn’t all that you do. The data of the client must be very secure at all times. All data stored and retrieved must have top-notch security systems for a long life and more use by customers.

If dealing with clients in the financial sector, all transactions should be monitored including the total number of transactions, the fastest and the slowest transactions. There must be a reason for the cause of each occurrence and any problems should be rectified.

4. Market analysis

Web monitoring application tools and software are very important in digital marketing. The reason for this is that through real time analysis of data and tracking of metrics, even as a systems administrator or an app developer, you will be able to give a report on the market your client is in.

From the data gathered with the application monitoring tools, as an administrator you will be able to understand consumer habits and their preferences. Locations of the user are shown during the real time analysis and you can even tell the type of browser to use. Carving out a niche for a particular customer or geographical area will be easier with the monitoring tools.

In conclusion, a career in application monitoring tools software is more than just creating the best ideas. You have to keep the application running in the market for long and this will be possible only if you have the right tools for monitoring and understanding the best ways of resolving technicalities. Modelling your software to be better will be done after monitoring and picking out what should be changed or updated.

Author Bio

Peter Griffins is a software developer formerly working with Google. His expertise has led him to develop many application monitoring software tools including Application monitoring tools with RightitNow Software. Check out the website to learn more about the functioning of the monitoring tools.

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