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Important Skills you need to set up your Career in an Ecommerce Jewelry Store

December 15 2015 - Building a successful online jewelry business is about finding the perfect balance between effective merchandising and digital marketing. The e-commerce industry has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last decade, creating numerous opportunities for both employees and entrepreneurs.

However, in order to succeed, you must possess a very specific set of skills. The role demands high dedication and attention to detail, as well as passion for selling. The following is a list of the most important skills to nurture if you're going to succeed in the long run:

1. Open-mindedness

Being a field that thrives on trends and creativity, you want to distinguish yourself as an open-minded vendor. While traditional styles have become classic and are still very popular, consider the choices and desires of clients who want something a little out of the ordinary, even if it translates to a little more work for you.

In the olden days, customer service didn't count for much since customers could only talk about you through word-of-mouth which could only go so far. However, with the proliferation of social media and other Internet communication tools and the fact that you're an online-based business, you cannot afford any lapse in customer service. Every review or comment from your clients could make or break your future.

2. Strategy

Strategy is about bringing together the most important aspects of the business to maximize your gains. Do you want to concentrate on a single line of jewelry, such as designer diamond men jewelry, or would you rather be more spread out? Will you stock your own jewelry pieces, or do you want to act like a middleman between buyers and sellers (Think Etsy)?

Think about the business and its needs in the short, medium and longer term. Plan for every small detail such as shipping arrangements, charges, how to deal with express orders and customer complaints and how to use digital marketing to boost your traffic and sales.

3. Practical business savvy

The online jewelry business is extremely competitive, considering you'll be entering a field dominated by big names like Kay and Tiffany's. How are you going to draw your own clients in your niche? How will you ensure that traffic coming onto your site actually culminates in increased sales for yourself? Think about these factors and find all possible avenues to monetize your business.

4. Creativity and passion

This isn't just in the quality and designs of jewelry that you stock; you also have to go all out to find ways to attract new clients and beat your competitors. Ensure that you have a creatively designed and easy-to-use interface so that visitors can easily move around the site. In addition, ensure you have mechanisms for prompt response to customer queries and support requirements. This is how you will distinguish your business from the larger vendors.

As an employee, you must demonstrate your capabilities depending on the specific area of the business you're looking to join. Have at the ready your evidence of ability to handle business operations as well as other challenges unique to the jewelry industry.

Ensure that your product descriptions are well drafted in order to get a customer take that final step. Why should they pick that perfect-cut solitaire diamond band? You passion should come out clearly through uniqueness and creativity in every aspect of your site.


The author is a highly reputed online jeweler dealing in designer diamond men jewelry as well as other types of jewelry. He has shared much information on jewelry selection, building careers in the jewelry business and other related topics..

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