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The Best Careers in the Software Product Industry

July 20 2015 - As more and more businesses go online and use software solutions, it is not surprising that there is great interest in software product industry careers. So, which are the best software product industry careers out there?

  1. You could be a 3D animation or graphic designer. In this career, you will be designing animations and graphics for games, software programs, and web pages. You will be working in close collaboration with other designers and you may be required to work on animations, graphics, and movies that are created by others. Other than the technical skills, you also need to have an artistic mind to succeed in this career.
  2. You could be a software developer and come up with business tools like Docs.Zone. Docs.Zone is a PDF converter that converts Word to PDF and PDF to Word. According to the BLS, there were approximately 913,100 software developers in the U.S. alone in 2010, each earning a median salary of $90,530. It forecasts that this number will increase by as much as 30% by 2020. These stats are proof of the popularity of software development.
  3. You could work as a software tester. This is a lucrative and solid career that is ideal for fresh graduates because it acts as a gateway to other software building jobs. The career path is usually what you will start as a test engineer, move on to a senior test engineer, become a test manager and then a QA lead, and finally end up as a test consultant. It helps to have relevant certifications and trainings. As a software tester, you will be testing software for errors, bugs, and defects, and aid software developers in making software products better. Closely related to software testing is Quality Assurance (QA).
  4. Automation testing is a type of software testing where you do automated testing. This type of testing is popular because it reduces the human effort. There are several tools available in the market to support software testing such as Test Complete, RFT, UFT (formally QTP), Robotium, Ranorex, AutoIt, Sahi, and Selenium. You will need one or more of the popular programming languages such as Java, VBScript, JavaScript, Python, Groovy, Ruby or PHP as well as database knowledge and a good understanding of testing methodologies/concepts.
  5. Another career option is database management. Software products produced by software developers rely on databases. To work in the field of database management, you will need skills in such database development languages as Sybase, SQL, MySQL, FoxPro, and Access. Maintaining a database is often a critical task and so formal education helps. More and more people are moving to NoSQL and you should consider this.
  6. You could be a consumer of software products and work as a web designer. Web designers often have to integrate software in websites. You require advanced knowledge in HTML, programming languages like PHP, FTP, RSS, Flash, Web servers, and the internet.
  7. If you are not technically inclined, you could work in sales and sell software products. The internet provides a convenient avenue to sell these products.

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