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5 Tech Careers you've Probably Never Considered

December 21 2016 - As you work towards completing your online master of science in analytics, it's only natural to start thinking about your future career. Before you make any decisions, however, you may want to check out this list of five tech careers that you may never have heard or, or considered. Each of these will make use of your online MSA degree and could end up being the challenge you're looking for.

Marketing Analyst

This is the perfect career choice for someone who loves keeping up with all the current trends, but also has a strong mind for data and stats. It gives you a way to combine your skills. By definition, in this job you will study and then evaluate all of the current market trends. Because market trends are always changing and adapting, your job is never done. The information you collect and analyze is then used to help a company figure out how to market itself and sell its services/products.

Data Scientist

There's just something about the job title of a "data scientist" that is so cool! As you can probably imagine you will need to be able to identify problems where data analytics are concerned, and then fix them. You will be looking at data to check its accuracy, its variables, how complete it is, and so forth. Your interpretations of the data will allow for solutions that the company/business can use. In order to excel in this job you need to be extremely comfortable working with statistics.

Data Architect

Where it used to be that a data analyst was a popular career choice, today it has moved on to a data architect. Your role is to design, then create, and even manage data in the company or business. It's up to you to figure out how the data can be used and stored in the company's applications and IT software systems.


If you are the type that is always asking questions and wanting to dig deeper, then a career as a statistician could be right for you. A statistician is responsible for collecting data on a certain topic and then analyzing it. After analyzing the data, a model can be built that is then used to make predictions in that company, industry, etc. What's great about a statistician is that they can work in a large variety of industries, which opens all kinds of doors for you.

Cyber Security

Now here's an area that is really blowing up and becoming huge. Today more than ever, cyber security has become a huge topic. One look at the recent elections in the United States and the hacking of emails shows just how important cyber security has become. What makes this industry even more exciting is that as more is learned about cyber security, more new jobs are created. If you are looking for an industry that is on the rise, this is the one to consider.

Plenty of Opportunities

When it comes to tech careers there are all kinds of little known careers out there that are well worth considering, as they could prove to be your dream job.

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