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A Career in Writing Wills

March 18 2015 - Even though everyone knows that they will die one day, most people defer preparation of a will that will dictate how their assets will be distributed after their death. Although a will is perhaps the single-most vital document that you need to prepare during your lifetime, statistics in all countries show that an overwhelming majority of the adult residents do not prepare their wills. Whether this is a fear of relinquishing their property or simply thinking the process to be extremely complicated, most people do not avail the opportunity of deciding the asset distribution after their death, and invite unnecessary complications. Even after presentation of a will disputes may arise. If you are wondering how to write or how to contest a will, you just need to get in touch with a Wills Lawyer.

An Alternate Career Path

Law students have a large number of options to pursue a legal career. If they are not particularly interested in the conventional profiles of barristers or attorneys, they can explore the potential of writing wills. While this option is also available to students with other qualifications, it is quite obvious that a legal background will have its own advantages in building a fast-moving career. Virtually all countries have professional bodies that promote careers in will writing by imparting training that could be conducted face-to-face, or even online. Considering the huge market demand, will writing has a potential to be a significant source of employment in the years to come.

The Course Requirements and Content

Typically, institutes that impart training in will writing have a number of courses that can be undertaken by prospective will writers. While there are no entry barriers, you can opt for the level that best suits your requirement, right from the level of GCSE to a degree. It will definitely be more convenient for students to attend the distance-learning courses, as they can complete it according to their own pace and time available from current pursuits. It is normal for institutes to offer a couple of courses on will writing after completion of which, they can undergo a course on probate practice and procedure. Those who are already working in the legal industry can make an application for a Provisional Practising Certificate that will make it possible for them to acquire the qualification while still being employed.

The Career Profile

Initially, as a will writer, it may be a good idea to work for a professional firm so that you can learn the ropes well. During this time, you will be taking instruction from old and new clients for will preparation and amendments. You will be conducting face-to-face meeting with clients at office and their homes, after which, you will be issuing detailed instructions to the drafting department and relevant trusts. You will of course be reporting to your senior during this period.

The Candidate Profile

The candidates who are likely to enjoy a bright career will be proficient in communication skills and client relationships, have IT skills of a high order, be able to manage time well and meet very tight deadlines. Careers in will writing can be really fruitful if you have the ability to multi-task well and be a complete team player. It helps to have your own personal transport so that you can meet clients conveniently. After attaining the necessary practical skills during your internship with a legal firm, you can choose to be a consultant in any firm or even establish your own firm to enjoy a fulfilling and potentially-lucrative career.

Author Bio: Curtis Davison is a Professor of Legal Studies at an established University. Having actively practiced law in the past, he is well-versed in legalities, right from settlement of landlord-tenant issues, to how to contest a will. Professor Davison has written for a number of renowned legal journals and also has a personal blog.

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