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What/who is - is part of the HRM Guide Network of websites. The HRM Guide Network functions as a virtual organization with worldwide contributors, content partners and affiliated companies. The Managing Editor is Alan Price, author of Human Resource Management in a Business Context (1997, 2004, 2007, 2011) Cengage/South Western, Principles of Human Resource Management (2001), Blackwell (Oxford) and several HR distance-learning texts. He is based in the UK. General enquiries are prefered by e-mail but printed items may be sent to:

Alan Price, HRM Guide Network, Hinsobrae, Papa Westray, Orkney, KW17 2BU, Scotland, UK.

Books for review should not normally be sent to this location - please ask for an appropriate address.

General Enquiries

Wherever possible we will help on general enquiries that are not answered on the websites. The HRM Guide Network does not pass e-mail or other address information on to any third party without your specific permission.


Advertising is possible on all HRM Guide Network website pages (subject to availability) except those provided by content partners. Please ask for current advertising rates.


The HRM Guide Network welcomes suggestions for reciprocal links with good quality, content-rich sites (links that are not reciprocated will be deleted). You might also be interested in contributing guest articles.

You may also link freely to any specific article on our websites (deep-linking). However, we would appreciate you NOT framing articles since this invalidates some of the advertisements we carry. In other words, you would be robbing us of income that contributes to the cost of maintaining the websites.

Guest articles

Guest articles are hosted on a no-fee basis on either side and you retain your copyright. We welcome good articles (minimum of 500 words) because they enrich HRM Guide Network websites and provide some variety - a 'you win/we win' arrangement which benefits everyone.

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We are interested in developing long-term relationships with other websites that offer related content or services. Exploratory e-mails are welcome.