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How to Save Energy with Conservatory Roof Insulation

March 2 2019 - With energy prices on the rise, it is no surprise that homeowners are looking for long-term solutions to make their homes more energy efficient throughout the year. One room within your property you would be wise to optimise is your conservatory, which can help you to enjoy an eco-friendlier home that could save you a considerable amount of money.

Find out how to save energy with conservatory roof insulation.

Retain Heat During Winter

While a conservatory might serve as a great place to relax and entertain during summer, the room could become almost redundant come autumn or winter. Unfortunately, a conservatory that has a plastic roof and large windows will be unable to retain heat, as it can easily escape from your home.

However, an insulated tiled roof can turn a conservatory into a thermally efficient space, as it will prevent hot air from escaping from your property, which will allow you to use the room even during the coldest of months.

As a result, you will not need to crank up the central heating to increase your home’s temperature, which could save you a considerable amount of money on your energy bills.

An Overheating Barrier During Summer

A conservatory should be one of the most used rooms within the home during summer. However, extreme temperatures can make it feel stuffy and uncomfortable, which can lead to the space being left empty when the sun starts to shine.

To make better use of the room and keep your home cool during hot temperatures, install conservatory roof insulation that will provide a solar over-heating barrier during summertime. As a result, it can help to lower the temperature of your home, and you can enjoy the beauty of your garden without sitting under harmful UV sunrays.

You, therefore, will not need to power up multiple fans or an air conditioner to create a more comfortable space, which can lead to smaller electricity bills during spring and summer.

Due to increasing emissions of carbon dioxide, temperatures are only going to rise throughout the years, so conservatory roof insulation could be a worthy investment for both your quality of life and bank balance.

Practical Energy Efficient Steps

There are, of course, various practical steps you can take to complement conservatory roof insulation. For example, you could increase your home’s energy efficiency by:

  • Reviewing a conservatory for draughts (Ensure windows and doors are effectively sealed)
  • Adding window shutters (Provides a barrier between interior and exterior)
  • Changing your flooring (Install underfloor heating or add a large rug)
  • Installing electric radiators
  • Double glazing a conservatory

Most homeowners will notice an immediate difference once insulation has been fitted into a conservatory roof. It will allow you to avoid furnace-like temperatures during the height of summer, while helping your home to hold onto heat during a cold winter.

You will be able to use the conservatory throughout the year, including during cold evenings, and it will significantly reduce your heating bills.

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