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The Different Ways UPVC Windows Can Save Energy

March 2 2019 - If your home or office still features the poorly engineered uPVC windows that were installed in the 1980s, it is likely you are wasting hundreds of pounds on energy bills every year.

However, by replacing the poorly insulated windows, you could notice a significant difference to your energy consumption and, in turn, your energy bills. Read on to discover how UPVC windows can save energy.

Maintain a Warm Home or Office in Winter

Double glazed uPVC windows have been manufactured with energy efficiency in mind, as they are designed to trap as much heat as possible to improve a propertyís insulation at all times.

It can ultimately increase your propertyís thermal resistance throughout the seasons, as the air pockets will provide an insulating barrier between the two glass panes.

As a result, it can regulate the interior temperature and can reduce your home or businessís exposure to colder weather.

It can, therefore, reduce heat loss throughout your property, and you will be less likely to fire up the central heating to maintain a warm, comfortable environment.

The money saved can ultimately increase your savings fund or could be used to improve other areas across your home or business.

Enjoy a Cooler Property During a Hot Summer

It can be tempting to power up a ceiling fan, floor fan or an air conditioning unit during a hot summer, which can each lead to discomfort and an expensive electricity bill at the end of the season.

Thankfully, double-glazed uPVC window frames can help to keep your property cooler during warm temperatures, as it can reduce solar heat gain from the outdoors.

A Smaller Carbon Footprint

Everyone has a responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.

You will be happy to learn that uPVC windows will not only allow you to enjoy a warmer, more comfortable home or office, but it will also help you to improve the environment, especially if installed with:

  • Insulating space bars
  • Weathertight sealing
  • Gas-filled units

Plus, high-quality uPVC windows from South Coast Windows are also robust and installed with high-security locking mechanisms, which can protect your property from intruders, so will provide you with peace of mind each day.

Always Choose A-Rated Windows & Doors

Windows with an A-rating will have a positive impact on your energy bills throughout the year, as they will result in smaller fuel consumption, which can also lower your carbon footprint.

It is beneficial to both your bank balance and the environment to always choose A-rated+ windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries. It is an investment that will offer a return on your money.


To enjoy thermal efficiency from spring through to winter, you should look no further than uPVC windows.

Unlike with timber windows, you will not need to worry about colder temperatures or excessive heat entering your property, and you can avoid leaks, condensation and deterioration.

As a result, you can enjoy longer-lasting, energy efficient windows that will help to keep your property warm while reducing your energy consumption.

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