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How to Protect Your Business's Online Presence

January 2020 - It has never been more important to protect your business from the rising tide of threats to your online presence. Cybercrime is the generic term for a whole raft of threats that can significantly affect your bottom line, sometimes catastrophically and irrecoverably. Stolen identities, fraud, stolen or lost data are just some of the ways that cyber criminals can negatively affect your business, cause costly downtimes and destroy your reputation as a secure online service provider or retailer. Itís crucial that you keep abreast of current threats and also some of the strategies and services that exist to help prevent such issues from arising in the first place. In this article we take a quick look at some of the ways to keep your business secure.

Phishing, pharming and malware

If you donít protect your systems then you are open to malicious hack attacks from increasingly sophisticated pharming and phishing attacks. More importantly, visitors to your website or on your email list can become susceptible to these attacks and find their personal or financial information stolen and used to pilfer either their identity or their money, or both. If your systems are secure then this is far less likely to happen, keeping your customers data secure and your reputation intact.

There are several ways these digital crooks can get into your system and compromise your data; phishing for information via emails is designed to whisk your visitors away from what they think is a reputable website to a fraudulently constructed copy designed explicitly to harvest their personal info. Sometimes they use even more sophisticated methods, known as pharming, to direct people straight to these sorts of web pages without even requiring a fake email link to get them there. They are also able to use naughty software known as malware to get into your networks and harvest, steal or delete your data (or your customerís privately held information).

Make sure you have firewalls in place

Work with a reputable and experienced security expert such as to install the requisite solution via protective and robust software, firewalls and anti-virus packages. Ensure that these are not installed just on your desktops in the office but across all business critical devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops in the field to make sure all staff are protected no matter where they work from.

Once these systems are in place itís imperative that you make sure they are always kept up to date with the latest release version. Do the same with all your software including operating systems (on all devices) and all the business software used by your organization. Leaving your network unprotected can leave doors wide open to attack so make sure you do everything you can to keep your sensitive data safely locked down. Keep staff well versed in software and network safety protocols and keep yourself informed and up to date on the latest threats too. Preventive maintenance is key.

Keeping your self informed, making sure security protocols are up to date and professionally installed and keeping staff well trained will ensure that your business critical data, your customers private information and your reputation are all kept safe and sound.

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