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5 Things to Prepare the Night Before a Job Interview

By Natalie Wilson

Interviews are nerve-wracking, we've all been there. We can't help our nerves, but there is a lot of preparation we can do the night before to ensure the process of getting up, getting ready and arriving at the interview is as smooth as possible. Tick off these five things before your interview and you will be as prepared as possible!

Plan Your Route

Knowing exactly how you are going to get to the interview is absolutely key. There is nothing worse than turning up to an interview late. It shows awful organisational skills, which a lot of businesses heavily rely on. Check if you have been given any information about how to get there from the company, and make a plan (and a backup plan) of how you're going to get there.

If you're planning to get the train, go for an earlier option, and also have a number for a taxi saved in case there are issues with the train. We can never rely on public transport! Leave plenty of time, as if you are early, you can always stop for a quick coffee beforehand, or sit in the waiting room and go over your notes. If you're going to a big company, bear in mind that there may be strict security procedures so allow time for this.

Review Potential Answers and Research The Company

Of course, every interview is different, but you can certainly practice. Research some of the most common interview questions, as you are bound to be asked at least something similar. Even if you aren't, taking time to practice being able to apply your skills to any question will make you feel more confident for the interview. You should also have a good understanding of the company, its ethos, its products and its history.

Knowing some information about your interviewees will also be useful. Rather than strangers being sat in front of you, you will know a bit of information, and can use this to inform your answers. Make a small cheat sheet to go over whilst you're waiting for that last minute confidence boost.

Prepare Your Outfit and Pack Your Bag

The last thing you want on the morning of an interview is to be rummaging around desperately searching for an outfit or your water bottle. Pack your bag the night before with all the essentials, such as water, a copy of your CV, a form of ID, a bottle of water, a pen and paper and your wallet/purse in case of an emergency.

You may also be given information from the company regarding anything else you may need, so be sure to check this before you attend the interview. In terms of outfit, it will depend on the kind of company. You should be able to find information about their dress code somewhere, but if in doubt, simply dress smart. Go for something simple to ensure that you are the focus rather than your outfit. Iron whatever you need to and check your shoes match. Although this isnít usually an everyday activity, you need to impress, so make the effort to get organised the night before.

Get An Early Night

This may seem like an obvious one, but a good night's sleep will make all the difference in an interview. You will come across as more lively and energetic to make a great first impression. So, turn off the TV, grab a book and relax for half an hour before the interview. Be sure to set multiple alarms, if possible on multiple devices, just in case one of them shuts down.

For that extra boost, try taking fish oil capsules as they are suggested to contribute to improved memory and keep your brain working sharply and efficiently. Settle down with your fish oil capsules and your book before an early night and you'll be good to go!

Print Out Your Resume

Don't assume that the person interviewing you will have a copy of your CV, as they may not, and other colleagues may be invited to the interview also who will need a copy. Bring around three copies of your resume, in a neat polly-pocket, to make a great first impression. Turning up with a scrunched-up CV will not look very good. This way, all bases are covered. Make sure you know your CV well, and be ready to expand on any information on it. If you've managed to get an interview, your CV must be pretty good, so be proud of it!

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