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How can you utilize job reviews for finding the right employer?

July 12 2018 - What determines the success of a company? Is it the customers? Or, does the success of a company depend on the business ideas? Primarily, the level of success of any enterprise depends on their employees significantly. While customer experience (CX) is one of the primary deciding factors here, no one can ignore the employee experience (EX) and employee satisfaction rate in the process. The trends of business strongly indicate that 2018 is going to be the year of EX. Therefore, there is no room to ignore the importance of job reviews from the current job holders in a company.

Most job seekers have access to company reviews, but they do not know how to leverage them for their benefit. Keep reading to find out how you can make the right choice by using employee review sites and job reviews.

Cold calling does not have to be so cold

When you come across a gleaming job review, you do not have to hold back. You can include the reasons for your cold contact application and send it right across. A holistic job review can help you prepare for the interview. Experience tells us that the best time to be submitting applications is when you already have a job.

Evaluate your possible new job

There is nothing like inside dirt to find out how your new boss or HR team head is going to be. Employees often write no-holds-barred interviews on the review sites since these websites offer them anonymity. Yes, some of these reviews are going to come from disgruntled employees, who might be biased, but you should be able to tell that from the frequency and the content of the negative reviews.

Whom should you trust?

The web is a tricky place and knowing whom to trust can change your life. You need to exercise caution while making a decision. Instead of blind faith, use statistics. No two reviews should be the same. Finding 100% positive reviews about a company should be impossible. At the same time, if you see one scathing report about a possible job position at a company or against an employer among 20 positive ones, it should tell you something's amiss. That is the reason you should go with reputable job review companies.

It is imperative to verify what you read

Another effective way of learning more about your company and the employer is by checking your LinkedIn connections. Find out about the connection or past connections they share with the business you are looking at right now. Ask them about the critical points of work-life balance, employee perks, office practices and ethics, and everything else that is important to you before you head out for that interview.

Learning more about the job you might hold tomorrow will help you get a clue about the employer's expectations, responsibilities and work pressure. Always remember that two employees can have vastly different experiences at the same company. Therefore, never make the call depending on one negative or one favorable opinion.

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