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Want the Job? Be Passionate About the Industry

December 7 2017 - No matter what job you are applying for, you need to be passionate about the industry. The more passionate and knowledgeable you are about the industry, the better. Sure, you can get hired without this passion, but if you want to succeed and build a career, you need to have the drive that propels you forward. The passion you need to succeed stems from choosing companies that are either in the industry you love or ones that cater to a cause you care about.

If you aren't sure what you are passionate about, there are two things to ask yourself. The first is what are the things that you can do that can take hours of your time without you realizing? The second is to ask yourself what makes you angry. Though you won't be able to turn every hobby into a career, and similarly you won't be able to work towards changing everything that you hate, these areas of your life are a good place to start. The more passionate you are about the industry, the harder you will work. What's even better, however, is that you will enjoy every second of it.

Getting the job at the right company, however, is still another step that you need to take, which is why you should:

1. Ensure Your Values Match

Not every company in the industry you are passionate about will be the right fit for you. Companies are just as varied as people, so it's important that you ensure that your values match. If you care about the food industry but are also interested in helping others, then you need to choose a company like Smithfield Foods, who don't only package foods and sell them, but they're also opening their own bioscience unit that works with medical companies who want to use pig parts in medicine. The more your values match, the better a fit you will be for the company and the more enjoyable you will find the work.

2. Do Your Research

Being passionate about a cause can be great to motivate you, but to ensure you get hired at a company that aligns with your values you will need to do your research. The more knowledgeable you are about the industry, the better. This means being on top of current research and knowing what the company you are applying for has done. The more you know, the more passionate, well-researched, and dedicated you will prove yourself to be to the interviewer.

3. Keep Learning

Being passionate and knowledgeable when applying for a position at a company that matches your skills and values is how you'll get the job, but if you want to advance your career you need to keep learning. Things change, and if you aren't on top of your game then you'll be left behind.

Your passion will be what drives you, and it is also what will set you apart from the other candidates. Once you have the job, it is that very passion that will ensure you love what you do and succeed. It is the best situation for everyone, because it makes you and your work feel valued by your employers and the community.

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