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6 Tips for Creating a Powerful CV

How do you make your CV stand out among dozens or even hundreds of others? If you don't, prospective employers will return rejection after rejection, if anything at all. Get it right, and you'll be suiting up for an interview in no time.

Professionals recruiters know how to tell the pros from the posers, so your CV needs to show them that your abilities match their needs. It should concisely detail your skills, experience and ultimately what makes you the right fit for the job.

In a market where job seekers are becoming increasingly educated, experienced and skilled, it's up to you to beat the competition and get your CV to the top of the pile. Here are six tips that'll help you make it happen.

Look Forward

Your CV should detail how your credentials and experience relate to your objective. In other words, treat your CV like a marketing document and not a historical record. Tailor the information to what recruiters are looking for and minimise details that donít relate to your current career goals.

Modernise Your Word Choice

Even if youíre the perfect candidate, your CV can easily get overlooked by electronic applicant tracking systems. This is why it's important to use the right keywords when describing yourself. Stick to words that relate to the current language of your profession and omit those that are outdated.

Include Relevant Coursework

Websites such as Khan Academy, Udemy and Alison offer hundreds of courses on a variety of subjects. If you're lacking in the education department, complete a few relevant courses and include them in your CV - they're fast and often free. This will give recruiters the impression that you're willing to go the extra mile to improve your knowledge and skills.

Obtain More Experience

Unfortunately, even the most educated candidates often struggle to land a job after graduating purely because they lack the experience required by so many companies. The good news is that there are a few ways around this.

For instance, you can volunteer for a local organisation or take a gap year and travel at the same time. Take a look at Frontier gap years for an idea of what to expect.

Leave Out the Objective

The purpose of an objective is to tell employers what you want from them. Truth be told, they couldn't care less. Instead, include a summary section that details your years of experience, achievements, qualifications and work history. When an objective is an absolute must, keep it clean and clear.

Emphasise Your Selling Points

An effective way to grab a recruiter's attention is to include a "wow factor" in your CV. For instance, it can be "Award-Winning Marketing Expert," or "World-Renowned Pastry Chef." Think about what you've achieved in past careers, what you've been publicly recognised for, and where you've been first or best.

Finally, donít forget to keep your CV as concise as possible. Choose your words wisely, use numbers and figures to quantify your achievements, eliminate filler words, use bullet points and pack a punch with strong action verbs. Get it right and you'll be fending off employers - instead of the other way around.

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