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Five skills every office worker should have to be successful

April 30 2020 - There are plenty of people in the workforce who work within an office environment. Although it is great to enjoy the company of other like-minded colleagues and create fantastic projects together, it can also be a tricky place to navigate if you want to be a success.

The last thing that you want is to give off the reputation that you are not the best co-worker to collaborate with just because one or two of your skills do not quite match those around you. Some of the competencies here will help you to advance in the workplace and - if you think yours do not quite meet expectations - see how and why you should brush up on your skills.

Working well with a team

A hiring manager may emphasize how important it is for someone to have the ability to work well on a team when evaluating candidates for a role - whether that's for an entry-level job or one higher up in an organization. If you think about it, we rely on other people for our work as much as they do on us for their own: there are very few solitary roles out there.

Effective teams will share goals, communicate with each other well - and even include a bit of humor. Feeling like you are part of a team can fuel your output, too.

Writing skills

You may not believe your writing ability has anything to do with your role (unless, of course, you are a writer or editor). However, more than half of employers say communication skills - such as writing - is required for its staff. So, you may find that you do not get ahead at work if you cannot express yourself properly or communicate clearly. Writing will be vital if you work remotely, too: text-based messages will be your main form of communication with your manager and colleagues.

Basic technology

You will need some essential skills and knowledge here, even if you do not work with technology directly. Knowing how to use your company's communication tools and how major components work will help - even when you need assistance with troubleshooting. You don't need to know how to run an IT support team: there are brands such as Online Computers who can help you with such services.

Time management

You will need to complete a range of tasks as part of your role. You will need organizational skills so you can budget your time and meet your deadlines without being overwhelmed, for instance. It seems like a simple skill, but timeliness is one of the most essential qualities to have: those who turn up early or on time are seen to be hard-working.

Be flexible

Many roles will need you to have a level of flexibility and let you change. You should be able to see alternative views, contribute to your organization during times of change, and adjust your workflow. You can demonstrate your flexibility to your employer by showing skills such as adaptability, patience, and problem solving to show you have what it takes to succeed.

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