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6 important qualities that every good private tutor will have

May 24 2018 - Finding the right tutor for your child is not an easy task. With the variety of options available for you to pick from, it can be daunting to hire the right person. This is because every trainer will have a different teaching style and personality. Regardless of their teaching styles, all tutors will have specific qualities that make them successful in what they do. When hiring an instructor for your child, take these important qualities into consideration.


Professionalism is something that you should expect from a tutor. Irrespective of the owner, involvement, or size of the tutoring company, being professional is essential. You can determine the professionalism of the tutor from the way they portray themselves to the parent and student during the initial consultation. From your first interaction, you can easily determine whether you will work with the tutor or not.

Strong Educational Background

Even though not all educated tutors will be excellent instructors, you want a professional with a strong educational background. The best instructors are those trained in childhood learning or are simply educated in the specific field they teach. Great tutors will always seek continuing education if they are serious and passionate about their work.

Outgoing Personality

Students are usually afraid or embarrassed to talk about their insecurities or ask questions. A good tutor will have an outgoing personality that makes students feel more comfortable around them. A good personality will make instructors more approachable and the child will feel they can easily trust them. This will result in a stronger bond between the student and the teacher, and can greatly boost communication between them.

Attentive to the student's needs

When looking for an instructor for your child, you need someone who will pay close attention to their unique needs. The tutoring Chandler AZ professional should be able to answer questions that the student may have and should also address any underlying problems they may be having. This is important because it will ensure that your child gets the personal attention and instruction that they need to succeed in their studies.


A good tutor will always be patient with their students. This is an important characteristic especially for students who struggle with their learning or adjusting to a new teacher. A good instructor will bear with the child irrespective of how many times they ask a similar question. An impatient tutor will have challenges with the child in all steps of the learning process. If this happens, they may resort to shortcuts in their instructional process and this can eventually inhibit the student's learning.


A private tutor should have the ability to encourage the student. Despite the student making mistakes, they should encourage them to surpass any insecurities and perform better next time. A seasoned tutor will always celebrate the student's accomplishment whenever they are successful in any task. They will inspire the child to continuously improve in their studies. They will stimulate the mind of the child and make them fall in love with their studies.

Tutoring is not just about the student-tutor relationship. A good trainer will involve parents in the tutoring process. A great tutor will avail themselves and discuss the progress of the child with the parents. They understand the importance of involving parents in every step of the tutoring process. They will ensure that parents are aware of any accomplishments and issues that the child may have.

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