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What Good Sound Engineering Courses Will Teach You about Making Remixes

January 7 2015 - Making a remix can be a very different process from that of making the original; sometimes it can be somewhat easier but many times it can prove to be far more difficult because you need to put a new spin on to an existing idea. Sitting in front of the DAW mulling over endless sound combinations and possibilities can be an overwhelming sensation, unless you have been competently tutored in your EDM course.

It All Starts With Picking the Right Song

The secret of making a remix that's successful is fundamentally choosing a song that would benefit from the exercise. It is very important for you to have liked the original idea, especially so if you don't have stem access in case you are attempting a bootleg. You really need to select a track that has a strong appeal yet has enough room for additional work. After the song selection is done listen to the original as many times as you like and jot down the ideas as they strike you. You could hear in one section a new drum beat or it might strike you that a delicate pluck melody could work extremely well in the breakdown's vocal line. Doing this will perhaps need some practice and you may even be stuck for ideas but carry on regardless till something brilliant strikes you.

Though it might seem anachronistic in a creative situation, it really helps a have a game plan ready that you can refer to when you seem to be getting stuck. Even though, according to many folks,planning could be a hindrance to creativity, a game plan helps you stay focused on the job at hand. Virtually all sound engineering courses emphasize the importance of brainstorming because it can generate many creative ideas. The culmination of this exercise is that you will be able to have a clear intent instead of a blank mind that's going crazy. If you are getting stuck for creative ideas, you can listen to as many other remixes that you think may help you to come up with an idea that would be refreshing in the current context. If remixes have already been made of the song that you are experimenting with, there's all the more reason to listen to them as you can avoid stuff that's already been done by others.

Sound Engineering Courses - Good Way of Learning How to Work With Track Material

If you are not fortunate enough to get access to acapella then it is absolutely imperative that you identify the portions of the original track that you desire to use in your remix, subject to it being practical. If there are too many things going on in certain sections, you will find that it is impossible for you to use it at all. It may be more practical for you to use only the part containing the breakdown vocals by cutting out the intro, outro and any choruses that might exist and build upon it. If you have chosen a track that has just a simple instrument and vocals then count yourself as very fortunate as these tracks are a delight to bootleg because you can use quite a lot of the existing content.

Make sure that you end up working with the material rather than trying to fight it because only then your remixing experience will be easier and more enjoyable. It is essential that you develop a very healthy respect for the original track and learn to revel in its beat so that your remix has more than just a trace of it. If you don't ensure that, you will not be able to get your remix track accepted by a label at all. Among the various secrets that you get to learn in professional courses is the importance of getting down your arrangement in the initial part of the developing your remix game plan. This is vital, as it gives you a sense of direction and even a perspective to evaluate your own composition.

Author Bio:

Simon Rodriguez is a veteran DJ and casual blogger. You can read his articles if you want to know the inside news of the music industry.

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