Privacy Policy is part of the HRM Guide Network. We respect the privacy of visitors to HRM Guide websites. Users are not asked for any personal information except for newsletter registration. Access to all websites within the network can be viewed without registering, log-ins, passwords or payment.

In common with most websites the HRM Guide Network regularly conducts a basic log-analysis in order to determine how many users visit the site, and which pages are visited. The following information is provided by logs and site tracking:

Number of unique users and some ISP or domain information but not the identity of specific users.

Pages viewed, time of viewing and total pages viewed per day, month and year for each website.

Referrer reports, indicating which links users followed to reach the HRM Guide Network, including search terms if search engines were used.

Where visitors provide information voluntarily in respect of enquiries or other communications. such details are not passed on to anyone else except with the specific permission of such visitors.

The HRM Guide Network does not set cookies for any purpose. However, third-party advertisers and service providers may set cookies to track impressions (appearances of advertisements or other graphic images) and when visitors click on advertising banners or links through to other websites. You should check privacy policies on their sites if you are in any doubt.

The HRM Guide Network is a virtual organization operating internationally. Contact can be initiated through the Managing Editor, Alan Price at Postal address: HRM Guide Network, Hinsobrae, Papa Westray, Orkney, Scotland, UK. Postal code: KW17 2BU.

Since the HRM Guide Network is solely a provider of free information, there is no commercial or contractual relationship, either actual or implied, between the HRM Guide Network and its users. The basic costs of the websites are covered through advertising and affiliate arrangements. Copyright is fully respected wherever possible and the HRM Guide Network asks visitors also to respect the copyright notice on each page. In the unlikely event of any legal dispute, the HRM Guide Network is governed by the laws of Scotland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland where appropriate.