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What Color Is Your Parachute?

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2015: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers
by Richard Nelson Bolles
The best-selling job-hunting book in the world. One of the reasons it's still so popular is that author Richard Bolles faithfully revises the English-language edition, often dramatically, each year.
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Job Skills Information

Feature Articles is a site dedicated to articles and features on careers, job searching, recruitment, selection and human resource development.

A Career in Writing Wills
Careers in will writing can be really fruitful if you have the ability to multi-task well and be a complete team player.

Essential Skills for Joining and Maintaining Salesforce Jobs
Are you just starting your career, or do you want to upgrade your career within Salesforce jobs?

How to have a great first day at the new job
Finding a job can be tough. It takes forever to search for the right position, apply, interview and finally get an offer. Perhaps thatís why the first day at your new job can be exciting or even nerve-wracking

Shape a Strong Career in the Field of Reselling Retail Digital Signage
Are you in a dilemma about your career and still have not decided? You can think of a profession as a reseller in retail digital signage.

What Does Building a Strong Career as a Remote DBA Expert Entail?
Database Administration is an IT profession in which all the work involved relates to the database of a particular organization.

9 Tips to Advance Your Career and Rise in the Corporate Ladder
If you want to progress within the corporate ladder and rise within your company, or in a different company, you have to start thinking about how to consciously go about accomplishing that goal.

A Business Accounting Career Provides Options
If you are looking for a career that has lots of possibilities for jobs and gives you the option to try different things, then a career in business accounting might be the right choice for you.

How To Attract Headhunters
One of the best ways to achieve a career advance is to become noticed by professional headhunters.

Turning recruiters on - and off
A survey by online recruiting software company Bullhorn defined five key candidate behaviors that turn recruiters off and have negative impacts on their chances of landing a job.

Using Social Media To Improve Job Chances
Useful tips to adapt job seekers' messages so they are more likely to 'go viral'.

Searching For Jobs When Times Are Hard, How To Make Yourself Stand Out
How are you going to make yourself stand out and get the job? With a few tips, you may find yourself with more options that you think.

Guide to Psychometric Tests for Interim Jobs
What is a psychometric test? Whatís your potential new employer really looking for? And whatís the best way to make sure you pass the test and get the job?

Handwritten Notes
Personalized letters are an effective way of getting noticed when looking for work in a world dominated by electronic communications.

Your Resume Should Have Character
The notion that employers are only interested in where you have been and where you are heading is pure nonsense.

Reaching for The Brass Ring
Low man on the totem pole? Grow your skill set to get that promotion sooner.

How to Reach Outside Yourself to Advance Your Career
As adults, we tend to forget the value of reaching out to others when we are in need of assistance.

What to do if you're afraid of being fired
Being fired is a common fear these days. Here are a few tips to help you if you think you're in the firing line.

Planning For A Job Loss Could Prevent One Says Life Coach
The first part of your plan is to achieve better success in your current job to increase the likelihood of staying employed.

Yesterday's Hero
One day you walk into your office only to discover that your position has been eliminated.

To many recent college graduates, the most difficult part of finding a job does not involve formatting resumes, networking, and answering interview questions with panache. Instead, these tasks sound like a cakewalk compared to the seemingly monstrous exercise of figuring out what jobs to apply for in the first place.

Determining Your Skills
Companies often do not hire students because of their specific degrees - instead they use job applicants' skills as criteria for filling positions.

Researching Jobs
Now that you've determined your interests and skills, it's time to do some heavy-duty research.

Finding a Job
You know exactly what kind of career you want. Your resume is perfect. You've forced your friends to spend hours asking you practice interview questions. Everything is in order - except you don't know how to go about finding the job openings.

Seven Habits of Highly Successful Job Seekers
There are those who land a job right away and those who struggle through the process of finding one for a long time. But luck has nothing to do with it.

Nuts and Bolts of Effective Cover Letters
As a job seeker, you shouldn't overlook the importance of a cover letter. If written strategically, a cover letter increases your chances for consideration, and provides an opportunity to highlight your individuality.

The Not-So-Effective Cover Letter
Here's a newsflash: Cover letters work, plain and simple.

Types of interview
All job interviews have the same objective, but employers reach that objective in a variety of ways. One strategy for performing your best during an interview is to know the rules of the particular game you are playing when you walk through the door.

Is Your Resume On Target?
The most qualified candidate is not always the one to get an interview - the one with the strongest resume is.

Upgrade Your Resume
Sometimes a little goes a long way. With a few minor adjustments, your resume can be improved to the point where it ends up in the callback pile as opposed to the trash bin.

Who's Reading Your Resume?
It seems that everyone is an expert when it comes to resume writing.

5 Hot Resume Tips
The purpose of a resume is not to land you a job, but rather to get you in the door for an interview.

Be Ready to Answer the Top 10 Job Interview Questions
The answers that you provide to the questions during the interview will demonstrate what the employer is most interested in: your confidence, skills, and knowledge of the job.

Interviewing Like a Pro in Five Easy Steps
It's an inescapable fact that interviews are the "make or break" factor on whether one lands the job.

So, why don't you tell me about yourself?
The most frequently asked interview question. It's a question that most interviewees expect and the one they have the most difficulty answering.

Art of the Interview
First-hand tips for making a slam-dunk first impression at the company you want to work for

Standard Questions
Standard interview questions might not seem difficult, but your answer to each should be polished and sharp. Craft responses and practice them before your interview so that they roll off your tongue when you face the interviewer.

Difficult Questions
You think the interview is going well. Then the interviewer lifts her head from her notes and, pen in hand, asks: what are your weaknesses?

The Behavioral Style Interview
In an effort to find the perfect employee, recruiters have embraced behavioral style interviews as their interview of choice.

Now, Do You Have Any Questions?
The way you approach the Q&A session will have a direct impact on the interviewer's perception of you. Based on the questions you ask, a judgment will be made in regard to how interested you seem to be in working for the company.

How to Ask for the Job
Most candidates are intimidated to ask for the job because they are afraid of a "no" response. But there are a few ways you can broach the subject without actually saying, "Can I please have the job?"

Excellent References Can Be the Clincher
References can be the decisive factor on whether you are offered a position

The Complete Career Makeover

The Complete Career Makeover

by Nic Paton
  In this unique guide the Guardianís careers experts lead you through the employment minefield with clear and practical advice.
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How to Get a Job You'll Love

How to Get a Job You'll Love

by John Lees
  Packed with new chapters, exercises and useful resources, this practical guide is the must-have read for anyone looking for their ideal career.
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