5 Roles of Your HR Department in Attaining Business Objectives

June 10 2016 - The human resources team has the responsibility of bringing people together to work towards a common goal. This is also the group of individuals that helps in solving problems and handling complaints lodged by employees. If you wish to pursue a career in human resources management or are in the field already, these are some of your roles:

1. Training and development

There is a constant change in the way businesses are operated. This means that employees will need to be trained on use of new equipment and new skills that will improve their performance. This in return leads to better performance of the company. The HR team also has the task of monitoring individuals and assessing their skills to determine their weaknesses and strong suits. This helps in making the right decision on delegation.

Ensuring that the teams of employees include individuals with complementary skills is essential. Strategic and productive results are produced by training the employees to nurture both dimensions.

2. Talent acquisition

As a recruitment officer, it is your responsibility to hire new employees to work in the business. Talent acquisition and recruitment as a whole requires a lot of knowledge on the processes involved in hiring. Clear outline of the qualifications, roles and responsibilities of the new recruits should be well outlined.

It is also important to conduct screening on the backgrounds of the applicants as well as their authenticity. There are instances where you will have to call or even visit the places listed by potential employees as their past work places to verify information. Technology has also made the process simpler with sites like trustedemployees.com giving reports on applicants' education, criminal, credit, employment history and even verifications on their legality in the country. These are essential for the ultimate success of the business.

3. Quality/ cost control

Employee assistance programs, benefit materials and packages for employees are set by the HR. With high tech technological applications, it is possible for the HR to implement programs that improve the quality of services expected from employees.

Quality control is a role of the HR as well as the quality controllers in some cases.

4. Compliance management

Every company operating in the world is governed by national and/or international laws. These laws must be adhered to at all times and it is up to the chief human resource officer and his team to ensure that these laws are complied with.

Labour laws and employment laws must be adhered to in the recruitment processes to ensure equal opportunities. Liabilities and lawsuits are avoided whenever a company complies with the set rules and regulations while meeting the expected standards of operations.

Disputes between employees or employers and employees are the responsibility of the human resources teams.

5. Developing favorable working culture

The most successful businesses have cultures that enhance harmony and continual personal and organizational growth. These cultures can be created by having social events, team building exercises and even having social and comfortable working spaces.

In conclusion, a HR or CHRO's roles do not include micromanagement. Rather, as a human resource manager, your role is to develop and nurture the best talents needed for the success of the business. Employees give their best when they are motivated and feel the growth in their lives.

Author Bio

Donnie Wilkins is a chief human resource manager and an influential personality in HR Exchange talks. She advises companies to use the services offered at Trustedemployees.com for reports that build trust in potential employees. Visit her website for more information.

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